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As sweet as Sichuan pepper...ice cream!

As sweet as Sichuan pepper...ice cream!

by Yashwariya Sinha

It's a universal saying that opposites attract. So have you ever thought about adding Sichuan pepper to your favorite dessert? This traditional spice, which has been integral to Chinese cuisine for centuries, is renowned for its unique, numbing, and tingling sensation.

Stepping away from its traditional role, let us embark on this journey to discover how this exciting ingredient can add a thrill to your taste buds and a delightful punch to your favorite dessert.

🍨Pair your favorite ice cream with Sichuan pepper

Next time you go out to grab your favorite flavor of ice cream, amp up your favorite ice cream by infusing it with Sichuan pepper to create an unforgettable dessert experience. The tingling sensation combined with the cold sweetness of the ice cream can be a real game changer.

You can try adding a hint of toasted ground Sichuan pepper to the smooth, creamy ice cream to experience an exciting interplay of flavors with an unexpected but delightful contrast. It's all about breaking barriers and trying different flavors like vanilla, mango, strawberry, and chocolate with a tingling zing of Sichuan pepper for a delicious twist.

Our Chief Taste Officer, Lois, recently tested out one of the Sichuan pepper strawberry sorbet recipes and here’s some of her tips: 

“I don’t think I did a very good job on my first try. What I’ve learnt is that it is important to make sure the Sichuan pepper doesn’t completely overpower the ice cream or sorbet. Because Sichuan pepper sometimes has a very slight bitter aftertaste, ensuring the base ice cream has enough sweetness to balance it out is sorely needed. Another thing I learned was that I shouldn’t be lazy. Because I only crushed the peppers, and didn’t grind the dried peppers small enough, it resulted in a gritty and unpleasant texture. Furthermore, because they weren’t small enough, it caused an imbalance - some mouthfuls were more overpowering than others!" 

So, if you want to try some Sichuan pepper ice cream recipes on your own, here are some to start you off.  Please let us know what your experience is - good or bad! 


Sichuan Pepper Ice cream

Flower Pepper Ice Cream

Orange and Sichuan Pepper Ice Cream

Sichuan Pepper with cherry compote Ice Cream

Caramelized pineapple green Sichuan Pepper Ice Cream

If you’re not feeling up to making it, here are some amazing places selling yummy Sichuan pepper ice cream!

Dolcezza X Laoban

Jubilee Ice Cream

And there you have it, folks, our daring dance with the Sichuan pepper diva in the dessert ballroom has reached its delicious finale. So put on your dancing apron, break the rules, experiment, embrace the unusual, and let each dessert be a vibrant painting that tells a unique story. 

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