We make lips tingle!

We make lips tingle!

May 08, 2023LOIS GOH

Hey there! If you're here because you saw this ad and went "hmmm...so what are they?" Well, look no further! 

We're 50Hertz Tingly Foods. And we want our Sichuan pepper products to infuse excitement into your food and drinks with a curious tongue tingling sensation and a beautiful floral aroma!

Here are some of our tingly and buzzy products. (Can't decide? Check out ALL our tingly products instead)

 Need a tingly snack? You'll love our tingly peanuts! Electrify your pizza or salad with our tingly oils that are not a hot sauce
Toast and grind these flavor grenades over your next meal Carry tingles around town with our beautifully embroidered and sturdy tote

If you're feeling a bit lost and unsure what to do with Sichuan pepper? We've built a wonderful community of Tingle lovers. Come join us below!

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    In case you were curious, here's a little bit more about us:

    Why are we called 50Hertz?

    NERD FACT: Similar to licking a 9v battery, the “frequency of the tingling sensation induced by Sichuan pepper on your tongue is consistently at around 50 Hertz”. - Cognitive Neuroscience Dept., UCL, 2013

    Ok, but you're telling me that Sichuan pepper is NOT actually spicy?

    Correct! Sichuan pepper is often misunderstood as being super "hot" spicy but it's not! It only gives you an electrifying and tingling sensation. It's confusing because Sichuan pepper is usually paired with hot chilli peppers and they're the ones that usually BRING. THE. HEAT.

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