Dried Green Sichuan Pepper (0.1oz | 1.5oz | 1lb)

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All the way from the mountains of Sichuan to this jar in your hand.

Our dried green Sichuan peppers, more accurately known as flower peppers, are tingly, not spicy. Bursting with a zesty, floral aroma, now you can grind and sprinkle this tingling sensation to all kinds of food and drinks. 

Our premium single-origin green Sichuan peppers have been hand-picked by our farmers in Sichuan, gently dried, and manually sorted. This results in:

No black seeds | Bright colors | Potent aroma and sensation 

Flavor notes: Lemon zest | Bright | Aromatic & Bold

Perfect on:


1. Sichuan pepper has zero heat and is not spicy at all! People confuse it because it is often paired with chili peppers and chili is the one that brings the heat

2. Sichuan pepper is not a pepper, it belongs to the citrus family 

3. Sichuan “peppercorn” is a common misnomer because these dried Sichuan peppers are not peppercorn. They’re the dried husk of the Sichuan pepper berry. A sign of superior quality is the lack of black seeds. 

4. Sichuan pepper is not just from Sichuan, but from a collection of places in southwestern China: Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu, etc. 

5. We believe that the correct name for it is actually Flower Pepper which is a direct translation from the chinese term hua jiao.


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Oh so good!!!!!

Super high quality, and real, fresh food! Love the vegetal, citrus and tingly sensations of green Sichuan peppers!

Mohammad Salehi
Love it

Great story, beautiful product & lovely packaging.

It's okay, was very soft and hard to grind easily

It's okay, was very soft and hard to grind easily

Thank you so much for your repeat order and leaving us a candid review! As a small growing business, every bit of honest feedback gives us an opportunity to grow and improve.

Let me explain briefly about the process of making dried Sichuan peppers. Hope this will help you understand why they are soft and not suitable for direct grinding like black peppercorns. Immediately after harvest, fresh Sichuan pepper berries are dried. At a certain temperature, the shells will split open and the black seeds inside will pop out. The aromatic and numbing molecules are concentrated on the skin/shell while the inner black seed is discarded as it is too gritty and flavorless.

Recipes usually call for Sichuan pepper to be toasted before grinding them. Here's an instruction: heat the dried peppers in a frying pan over medium-low heat until you start to smell the lovely aroma. Remove them from the heat and grind them after they have cooled. The toasted dried pepper can also be saved in an airtight jar to grind when needed in a recipe. Remember, don’t grind the peppers until you are ready to use them as they will lose their potency very quickly after they’ve been ground.

Hope this information is useful. I want to thank you again for your continued support! Please feel free to write back and let us know if we can help in any way.