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50Hertz Tingly Sichuan Pepper Peanuts (5.5oz)

50Hertz Tingly Sichuan Pepper Peanuts (5.5oz)

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These peanuts are buzzing, flavorful, unique and memorable, unlike any other products on the market. We find them especially good with a cold beer or a fruity cocktail. A great conversation starter, it's also a great gift to bring to a party.

50Hertz's mission has always been to introduce a new sensory experience in food.

To that end, we have selected premium peanuts and seasoned them with red and green Sichuan peppers. The tingling sensation is pronounced at the first bite.

The peanuts themselves come from Kaifeng in Henan province in eastern China. Kaifeng is famous in history as one of the ancient capitals of China. Peanuts grown there are renowned for being big, plump and crunchy. They are seasoned with our red and green Sichuan peppers for the aroma and that unmistakably tingling sensation. Not spicy, just tingly, a wonderful companion to a cold beer and a fruity cocktail.

We hope this product will help you enjoy the delightful tingling sensation and also help you share a novel sensation with your family and friends more easily.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Park
Absolutely delicious!

I love the peanuts. I've eaten them out of hand, of course, but I've also put them over many dishes that were calling out for some crunch and spice, like curries. The plastic tops to the peanut cans are a bit loose, but I eat the peanuts so quickly that I don't think it really matters. By the way, I bought a whole case of the peanuts and I don't regret that decision even a little bit!

Jason Overcash

Delicious. Such a treat! I’ll be a repeat customer..

Addicting peanuts

I initially ordered a couple of tins from MaLa Kitchen, but then -- having finished one tin, and becoming nervous about having only one left -- saw your site and decided to order four more direct from you. These are superb snack nuts; the nuts themselves are far superior to ordinary peanuts, both in taste and shape -- this will make sense when you see them. The sichuan peppercorns add a really delicious zing, and I find myself upending the tin to get the last of the peppers (which tend to fall to the bottom of the tin, so I encourage shaking lightly upside down before opening) into my mouth. I can't recommend them highly enough, assuming that the reader already *likes* Sichuan pepper, which is a taste and a feeling that can take the unfamiliar by surprise. My wife, happily, does not like the vibe (though she eats a good deal of them in my Sichuan cooking), so they are ALL. MINE. :)

Lily Lam
Oh no - sold out!

Very addicted to these peanuts. Finished my last stash. Came back to stock up again, but they're sold out! Guess I will have to wait until January to get more. Would love if these came in larger quantity packaging.

Amy Tan
We are addicted.

Love it as a snack , as well as added to soups, salads, and other Asian dishes. We serve them as appetizers and our friends love them.