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50Hertz Tingly Sichuan Pepper Peanuts (5.5oz)

50Hertz Tingly Sichuan Pepper Peanuts (5.5oz)

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These peanuts are buzzing, flavorful, unique and memorable, unlike any other products on the market. We find them especially good with a cold beer or a fruity cocktail. A great conversation starter, it's also a great gift to bring to a party. 


50Hertz's mission has always been to introduce a new sensory experience in food. To that end, we have selected premium peanuts and seasoned them with red and green Sichuan peppers. The tingling sensation is pronounced at the first bite. 


The peanuts themselves are the most premium ones from City of Kaifeng in Henan province, the capital city of 8 dynasties in China with a long history of producing the best peanuts in China. 


We hope this product will help you enjoy the delightful tingling sensation and also help you share a novel sensation with your family and friends more easily. 

Customer Reviews

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Mark K
Way too salty. Why sucralose? Nice tingle.

I’ve had Guàiwèi huāshēng before at Sichuan restaurants, but it’s always been a fine balance between salt, sweet, and hua jiao. These from
50Hz are overly salty and, for whatever reason, contain sucralose, a chemical sugar substitute. Please tweak your recipe. Aldo price is high.

Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for your purchase and leaving us your candid review. We are so glad you like the tingles! We also love the vinegary and sweet flavors that Guàiwèi huāshēng (also known as strange-flavor peanuts) brings. Our founder Yao is from Chongqing so he's very familiar with that. But we are not trying to create that. Instead, we are only focusing on the tingly sensation from Sichuan pepper in our peanuts.
We apologize if you were looking for something else.

As we continue to refine our recipe, we will take your suggestion into future recipe adjustments. This is our first small batch of tingly peanuts, so unfortunately the economy of scale is not here yet. It is our intention to lower the price in the near future.

Sincerely and Tingly,
50Hertz Team

Margaret McKibbin
My tastebuds came ALIVE

Fabulous taste, buy them ASAP

Joe. Zubay
Love the most expensive peanuts I’ve ever purchased.

I love the taste and feel but, including the shipping charges, these are the most expensive peanuts I’ve ever seen! In fact, the cost puts this treat in the same category as caviar which I can only afford once (maybe twice) a year.

Hi Joe,

Thank you so much for your purchase and leaving us your honest review. We agree that shipping is very expensive. We charge true shipping cost and subsidize the rest (especially to the west coast). We promise that shipping is not a revenue line for us, but a rather large expense.

This is also our first batch of this new product. We were not sure about the reactions from the customers so we wanted to test with a small batch, hence no economy of scale yet. Now that this product has received rave reviews, we will make a bigger batch next time and lower the cost.

In addition, we will try to get into more retail stores soon so you can easily pick up some tingly peanuts nearby. For example, we just finished a Target accelerator program. It means so much to us that you like the quality of the peanuts and the delightful tingly sensation.

Yao and 50Hertz Team

Crazy About Sichuan
Awesome quality and taste but limited quantity

Love these peanuts. Big size. Greta taste. I just wish there was option to buy bigger size/ package.

Be careful what you wish for - a much bigger size is in the making :)
Thank you so much for your purchase and leaving us your honest review.

Benjamin S.
Fun & fast snack, great for entertaining!

Loved these peanuts from 50Hertz! They're perfectly fresh, not oily with the right amount of salt and the zing you're hoping for. Great gift for friends and family.