Green Sichuan Pepper Toffee Nib Chocolate Brittle

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50Hertz x NeoCocoa collaboration: Green Sichuan Pepper Toffee Nib Brittle

Our Green Sichuan Pepper Toffee Nib Chocolate Brittle is handcrafted in small batches by our brilliant partners at NeoCocoa. Imagine the zesty lime and citrusy tingle of our green Sichuan pepper mingling with NeoCocoa's dark, buttery toffee. Thinly layered between dark milk chocolate, your mouth will delight in this buzzy and crispy brittle of adventure. 

Infusing the captivating aroma and tingling sensation of Sichuan pepper into a variety of food and drink, and thereby showing its versatility and delightfulness, is our mission. Creating a craveable and delicious Sichuan pepper confectionery product has been our dream. We met Christine Doerr, founder of NeoCocoa, in early 2023. We worked with her on the recipe through several iterations from February to July, and launched the test batch in October when the weather cooled down. It was an instant hit! Based on the enthusiastic response and feedback, we have brought back Green Sichuan Pepper Toffee Nib Chocolate Brittlewith updated packaging and in two different sizes (3oz and 8oz)!


1. Sichuan pepper has zero heat and is not spicy at all! People confuse it because it is often paired with chili peppers and chili is the one that brings the heat

2. Sichuan pepper is not a pepper, it belongs to the citrus family 

3. Sichuan “peppercorn” is a common misnomer because these dried Sichuan peppers are not peppercorn. They’re the dried husk of the Sichuan pepper berry. A sign of superior quality is the lack of black seeds. 

4. Sichuan pepper is not just from Sichuan, but from a collection of places in southwestern China: Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu, etc. 

5. We believe that the correct name for it is actually Flower Pepper which is a direct translation from the Chinese term hua jiao.

Customer Reviews

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David Ballard
It's Exactly What It Says on the Tin, but....

It's chocolate covered toffee, which I love, with Sichuan Pepper in it. Those two flavors do NOT go together, I'm afraid. The bitter, aggressively herbal flavor of the pepper is a sharp contrast to the toffee and chocolate, and it becomes more and more overpowering after you've finished eating your piece.

They gave me exactly what they said they were going to do, so I'm not complaining about that, but it's something that's definitely not to my liking. I'll be ordering other stuff from 50 Hertz in the future, but not this.

william bishop
excellent chocolate

very tasty

Eva Schmatz