Electric Popcorn (feat. 50Hertz Green Sichuan Pepper Oil)

Electric Popcorn (feat. 50Hertz Green Sichuan Pepper Oil)

Nov 23, 2020Yao Zhao

Going to the movie theater is a fond but distant memory now in 2020. This Fall, we at 50Hertz have been pondering how to recreate the movie-going experience. A number of our enthusiastic customers have told us that popcorn and our Sichuan Pepper Oil are an interesting and surprisingly good match. We took the tip seriously and collaborated with Double Cooked. The result is three popcorn recipes that you can easily make at home: “Electric Popcorn” (Salt and Green Sichuan Pepper Oil), Buttered Popcorn, and Kettle Corn.

Or, just buy your popcorn and drizzle with our 50Hertz tingles!


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