Huile de Poivre du Sichuan Vert (120ml / 275ml)

Rating: 4.82 out of 5.0 (68)

Flavor notes: Lemon zest | Bright | Aromatic & Bold

All the way from the mountains of Sichuan to this bottle in your hand.

Our zesty green Sichuan pepper oil combines our fresh hand harvested Green Sichuan Peppers, more accurately known as flower peppers, with premium cold-pressed non-GMO rapeseed oil. 

While Sichuan pepper is never spicy, just TINGLY. Use sparingly, as a few drops is enough to keep your lips tingling for a while!

Perfect on:


FINISHING OIL: Drizzle over food to tingle it up! (A little goes a long way!)

COOKING OIL: Cook with it during your stir-fridays. (Intensity of the tingle will be reduced)

CHUG IT: Please don't do that. (We are not responsible for the intense numbing)

1. Sichuan pepper has zero heat and is not spicy at all! People confuse it because it is often paired with chili peppers and Chili is the one that brings the heat

2. Sichuan pepper is not a pepper, it comes from the citrus family 

3. These dried Sichuan peppers are actually not peppercorn. They’re the dried husk of the Sichuan pepper berry and not the black seed that is found inside of it. 

4. Sichuan pepper is not just from Sichuan, it’s from a bunch of other places

5. The correct name for it is actually flower pepper which is a direct translation from the chinese term hua jiao


Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Heather S
Best oil out there!

If you’re looking for a sichuan peppercorn oil with the perfect kick, look no further- this is the one! I use it on pasta, rice, fish, or mix it with pesto. I have to keep myself from using it on every single dish. I’m also a big fan of their peanuts. Highly recommend!

Love this for flavor and impact

I love this Green Sichuan Pepper Oil so much - it pairs well with so many dishes in so many ways, love the recipes 50hertz shares to help with ideas. I personally also love the tingle on my tongue! and it really enhances flavor profiles, in many dishes I have started using this instead of salt.

Joe Zubay
It’s almost addicting!

Thin sliced Idaho potatoes fried in extra virgin olive oil with crushed chili peppers and a small amount of turmeric AND an half ounce of Green Sichuan Pepper Oil is heavenly! Who would have ever thought potatoes! I’ll be experimenting with other foods too.