50Hertz Tingly Sichuan Pepper Peanuts (5.5oz)

50Hertz Tingly Sichuan Pepper Peanuts (5.5oz)

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These peanuts are buzzing, flavorful, unique and memorable, unlike any other products on the market. We find them especially good with a cold beer or a fruity cocktail. A great conversation starter, it's also a great gift to bring to a party.

50Hertz's mission has always been to introduce a new sensory experience in food.

To that end, we have selected premium peanuts and seasoned them with red and green Sichuan peppers. The tingling sensation is pronounced at the first bite.

The peanuts themselves are the most premium ones from City of Kaifeng in Henan province, the capital city of 8 dynasties in China with a long history of producing the best peanuts in China.

We hope this product will help you enjoy the delightful tingling sensation and also help you share a novel sensation with your family and friends more easily.

Customer Reviews

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Amy Tan
We are addicted.

Love it as a snack , as well as added to soups, salads, and other Asian dishes. We serve them as appetizers and our friends love them.

Wonderfully unique!

Just right spicy and tingly! Delicious!

Addictive -- In the Best Possible Way!

I was fortunate to be a 'beta tester' of a much earlier version of these tingly peanuts. They were very good then. But they are even better now! The pepper-peanut combination is perfect. I cannot think of any changes that would make this product better. Yao and the 50Hz team have hit this one out of the park.

The only problem is that they are addictive! I went through the first can so fast I had to order another 8 for ourselves and to give as gifts.

Albert Lin
Great new flavor for peanuts!

Love these nuts, very unique flavor. Don't eat boring salted nuts. Get some 50Hz now!

Elianna Goldstein

best I've tried so unique and delicious