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It is not spicy, just a tingle on your tongue.


Red Sichuan Pepper Oil

Green Sichuan Pepper Oil

What Our Customers Say

"Having been to Asia many times and fallen in love with Sichuan pepper oil in the food- I was thrilled to find your product!!! We LOVE it in so many types of dishes- both RED and GREEN!!!"
- Michelle Wahlen
"This is a new flavor for me and it has transformed everything that I've used it in. It balances flavors in a dish and gives life to leftovers."
- Lynnea
"I loved the tingling brightness when we dipped crusty bread into it, and it wowed dinner party guests when we drizzled it over our usual roasted root vegetables"
- Matt Conner
"It was sensational! Loved the peppery tingle and citrus overtones, and the way that the flavors lasted to the bottom of the bowl, yet never overpowered the soup."
- MaryAnn Pshock
"Ordered this on a whim after reading story in NYT. So glad I did. I ordered a second bottle almost as soon as I tried the first. Just the perfect little zing to so many dishes."
- Amy Donaldson

How To Get 50Hertz Sichuan Pepper Oil

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