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About 50Hertz

Our Mission

We champion Sichuan Pepper and its unique tingling sensation as the next flavor sensation by offering top quality products. In that process, we will tell you more about this unsung spice and explore together innovative uses of its citrusy aroma and that tingling sensation.

Our Spice

Málà (麻辣) is the iconic flavor of Sichuan cuisine. “là” refers to the burning heat from hot chili peppers, but “má” is the delightful tingling sensation from Sichuan Pepper (花椒) that is novel to world foodies.

There are two types of Sichuan Peppers - red and green. As with grapes, the red is not a more mature version of the green - they are two varieties with distinct flavors. Both are native to Sichuan, and while the red peppers have been used in cooking for centuries, the green variety has only become popular in China in the past 20 years.

Our Name - 50Hertz

When scientists at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London studied Sichuan Pepper, they found that the “frequency of the tingling induced by Sichuan Pepper was consistently at around 50 Hertz”, giving rise to our company’s name.

The tingling sensation is caused by a molecule called hydroxy-α-sanshool. While humans have nerve endings all over our skin, this aromatic molecule can only reach those nerve receptors where the skin is very thin, such as on the mouth and lips. This is why we experience a stimulating pleasant sensation when tasting Sichuan Pepper.