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Green Sichuan Pepper Tote Bag

Green Sichuan Pepper Tote Bag

Regular price $34.95

Designed just for 50Hertz, these canvas tote bags feature vividly embroidered green Sichuan peppers and beautiful real leather straps. From grocery shopping to traveling around the globe, this durable and versatile bag is not only perfect for all your daily needs but also a unique gift to loved ones. 

A conversation starter, now you can show off this unsung spice to all your friends and tell them about its novel tingling sensation. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joe. Zubay
The most beautiful tote bag I own

Truly the most beautiful tote bag I’ve seen! I have actually had two people ask about it. The dark green leaves on the beige bag just “pop out”…reminds me of the “popping out feeling” in my mouth that I get from the Sichuan Pepper oil!

Kelly Kimball
Leather handles!

Sturdy, capacious and beautiful. Love my tote!

John W
Great Holiday Gift

My family loves your products and this is a great holiday present. The quality of the tot is unexpectedly good, and the products, especially the peanuts are a hit. Thanks for continuing to expand!

Love those tingles

I love those tingly peanuts! Also, the bag is awesome! People stop me on the street to ask about it. I guess that’s the point. Good job! Thanks!

Stephane W
50Herz is the best frequency!

I love everything about the tingling flavor and sensation of these Sichuan peppers.
They remind me of the exquisite Chinese dishes that use this “ma” spice when I lived in China.
The order was delivered very quickly, and the Green Sichuan Pepper tote bag is super cool 👍 and it’s design very unique.
Will order the oils again. And again!