Herbaceous Green Sichuan Pepper Dark Chocolate

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50Hertz x Goodnow Farms collaboration: Herbaceous Green Sichuan Pepper Dark Chocolate

Our Herbaceous Green Sichuan pepper Dark Chocolate made by our wonderful partners at Goodnow Farms is truly unique. Pairing the natural flavor notes of theirsingle origin chocolate with different complementary flavors, results in quite the spectacular match up. The herbal notes of the Peruvian Ucayali chocolate seamlessly meld with and carry the pine, floral, and citrus notes of the Green Sichuan Pepper.  And, the Ucayali chocolate already had a slightly cooling hit, but the Sichuan really amps it up for a cool breeze in the mouth after the lemon-y rush!

Net weight: 55g


1. Sichuan pepper has zero heat and is not spicy at all! People confuse it because it is often paired with chili peppers and chili is the one that brings the heat

2. Sichuan pepper is not a pepper, it belongs to the citrus family 

3. Sichuan “peppercorn” is a common misnomer because these dried Sichuan peppers are not peppercorn. They’re the dried husk of the Sichuan pepper berry. A sign of superior quality is the lack of black seeds. 

4. Sichuan pepper is not just from Sichuan, but from a collection of places in southwestern China: Chongqing, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu, etc. 

5. We believe that the correct name for it is actually Flower Pepper which is a direct translation from the chinese term hua jiao.

Customer Reviews

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Dan Halpern

a new twist (and tingle) for those with an curious sweet tooth.

Oh my! This is Fantastic

I was expecting to like it-- great chocolate and sichuan pepper! How could it not be good? But it was quite different than I was expecting, and just wonderful. Quite floral and smooth flavor. Love the mouth feel of the chocolate. And somehow it brings out more of the floral notes of the Sichuan pepper than the tingly. If you're looking for extreme tingles this isn't it...or you could sprinkle a little pepper oil on it. But to me, it's perfect. Thank you!!

Stan Przybylinski
Such a good combination!

Chocolate and Sichuan pepper are a natural combination in our house. The sweet of the chocolate and tingles go so well together.