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Red Sichuan Pepper Oil

Red Sichuan Pepper Oil

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Size: 100 ml (3.4 ounces)

Ingredients: First-grade, cold-pressed, non-GMO rapeseed oil, Fresh Red Sichuan Pepper

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place or refrigerate to prolong life and aroma

Use: While dried Sichuan (Szechuan) Peppercorns offer remarkable flavors, they must be ground and prepared, with a possibility that coarse fragments give an unpleasant mouth feel. Sichuan Pepper Oil on the other hand is more convenient to use and preserves the flavor and potency much longer. It is not another hot sauce. In fact, it is not hot at all. The floral bouquet flavor stimulates your palate and nose, while the unique tingling sensation stimulates your tongue and lips. Best as a condiment over pasta, ramen noodles, pizza and salads. A few drops go a long way.

Red vs. Green Sichuan Pepper: Many people are unaware that Sichuan Pepper comes in two varieties - Red and Green. They are not in different stages of maturity but two plants with distinct flavors (think of red wine grapes and white wine grapes). Both are native to Sichuan, and while the red ones have been used in cooking for thousands of years, the green variety is more boutique and has only become popular in China in the past 20 years. 

 Green Red
"An oil that tingles and transforms" - The New York Times The iconic flavor sensation in all classic Sichuan dishes. You can now "mapo" anything!
Aroma: Citrus (Lemon zest), Fresh flowers, Bright Aroma: Citrus (Orange zest), Dried flowers, Warm
Tingling Level: 
Tingling Level: 
Suggested Pairing: Fish, Seafood, Veggies, Pasta Suggested Pairing: Meat, Tofu, Pizza

Unrivalled Quality of Red Sichuan Pepper

Our 50Hertz Red Sichuan (Szechuan) Pepper oil is always infused with the latest harvest (Red Sichuan Pepper is only harvested in August every year). We use Red Sichuan Pepper grown in Hanyuan county in Sichuan. There, the climate and soil are considered the most suitable for growing the most premium Red Sichuan Pepper. The French concept of "Terroir" has been manifested in Sichuan for centuries!

Freshest Product Shipped by Air

Straight from the mountains around Chongqing, we ship our oil by air to ensure it is the freshest and most potent Sichuan Pepper Oil you could find in the West.

Direct Procurement from Farmers

Sichuan Pepper must be handpicked which requires a dexterous, attentive and experienced labor force. Notice the sharp spikes on the branches in the photos. While avoiding the thorns, farmers need to work carefully to preserve the peppers intact. We cut the middlemen and directly procure the peppers from farmers to increase their revenue and more importantly bring them immense pride and joy when they have learnt their hard work is enjoyed overseas

Premium Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil

We use premium non-GMO cold-pressed rapeseed oil. No preservatives, no allergy-causing soybean oil.

Bottled in Georgia in compliance with the US standards

Disclaimer: This product should not be consumed if you have an allergy to prickly ash plants.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Flavor--Brings Back Memories of Chongqing!

The flavor of this Sichuan pepper oil is so unique, I am not sure what you can compare it to. My wife and I first experienced the Sichuan flower pepper when living in Chongqing from 1997-98. The first time I had a dish with this pepper in it, the sensation it left on my tongue was so different and I was not sure what to think about it. After a few more times eating at local restaurants tucked away in alleys, we became hooked on this flavor. If you haven't tried Sichuan pepper oil before, I would recommend giving it more than one opportunity, as the taste is so unique it may require your tongue getting used to it!

We hadn't experienced this taste sensation since 1998 until my wife discovered 50Hertz through an article in the NYT, and she ordered the green Sichuan pepper oil. We watched a live video of Yao discussing the company and showing how to cook Chongqing noodles using the pepper oil, and after finding some chili oil and black vinegar in a Chinese shop in Lima, Peru, we followed Yao's recipe and we were flooded with memories of eating in Chongqing. We couldn't resist making the Chongqing noodles three more times that week.

This past month we ordered the red Sichuan pepper oil and had it sent to a friend, as we wanted to cook for our friends while visiting Oregon and have them experience this flavor. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of entering one wrong digit in the house address, and the post service could not deliver the pepper oil and had to return it. Yao and 50Hertz demonstrated attention to customers and service by sending the pepper oil to a different address without charge even though we were the ones to make the mistake. In addition, when I made the original order for the red Sichuan pepper oil, I remarked how much we loved the green pepper oil and that we had not experienced anything like that since Chongqing, and he wrote back personally and we were able to share stories of our time in Chongqing where Yao grew up.

Thank you Yao for making the Sichuan Flower Pepper accessible to those outside of China and Sichuan Province, and for demonstrating what personalized customer service of a small business looks like. We can't wait to share dishes with this oil amongst our friends, as solely describing the flavor and sensation does not do it justice!

A new favorite

I use this oil to sauté chicken as well as spice up vegetables or a salad. It adds a nice flavor and feel to so many dishes.


I ordered the GREEN in the first wave and the RED as soon as it was introduced.

No Regrets

I pretty much never rush out and buy something because a publication recommends it, but something seemed really special about this oil. I pre-ordered the red oil in the first wave when it took weeks to get it. It was absolutely worth it! I am thrilled that this company got such a boost and is able to offer the product year-round now. I bought the green oil the second it was introduced! Quick shipping now, and I love the emails with customer submitted recipes!

Excellent Taste Sensation; Excellent Business

I have ordered from 50Hertz Sichuan a few times now. They are very professional, very courteous, quick delivery, good packaging.

The oils both green and red are delicious. They make wonderful gifts for the foodies in your life.