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Are you curious about Sichuan pepper and the tingling sensation it brings?

Take a look at our events below for interviews, podcasts and cookery lessons. The perfect way to find out more about this unique product and how to incorporate it into your cooking.

6th August 2022

Mini Marketplace in Washington DC

Event Host: Heurich House Museum & KAMA DC

Event Type: Market

30th July 2022

Tingly Walk Food Tour

Event Host: KAMA DC

Event Type: Food Tour

5th August 2021

Chongqing and Sichuan peppers

Event Host: WildChina

Event Type: Podcast Interview

20th May 2021

The Story of Sichuan Pepper and 50Hertz

Event Host: Heritage Radio Network

Event Type: Podcast Interview

20th May 2021

Culture, Career, and Cuisine with Alumnus Yao Zhao '13

Event Host: Johns Hopkins University SAIS

Event Type: Cooking Show

13th May 2021

Celebrating Asian American Heritage Month by Making Fried Rice with 50Hertz

Event Host: U.S. State Department Asian American Foreign Affairs Association

Event Type: Cooking Show

11th March 2021

Cooking at Home with 50Hertz: All About Sichuan Pepper

Event Host: Chris Kimball's Milk Street

Event Type: Cooking Show

3rd December 2020

Learn how to make Chongqing noodles with 50Hertz Sichuan Pepper

Event Host: SupChina

Event Type: Cooking Show